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Overview of stock photography

The term Stock photography generally refers to a collection of a large number of images. Any one can obtain the license to use these images for a limited number of times. Stock photography is an economical alternative to hiring a photographer and spending time and money to get the pictures. There’s a whole range of professionals, like publishers, graphic artists and advertising agency men, who are on a constant lookout for suitable quality images in order to use them in their creative projects.

Stock photography site sources the images from the photographers for a percentage of the licensing fee. In some cases, the agencies may own the rights completely. Either user can pay the license fee and use the image for the specified number of times, or they can pay for each time use of the image(s) rented.

Based on the type of licences, the images could be classified into Royalty- free and Rights-managed. Royalty-free license lets you use the image for multiple times and limited purposes. No one can have the exclusive rights of the image, and the photographer can sell the image as many times as he wants. On the other hand, Rights managed license makes you pay each time you use the image. But it does allow the user to have the privilege of using the image exclusively for a specific duration or in a specific industry.

The special feature of web-based stock photography allows one to search the images using keywords. This makes it quite convenient for buyers to search through the stock of images. Needless to say, more and more people are turning to using stock photography services as they find them more convenient and economical than any other alternative in sight.

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